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Gramps Debut & Fire Filled Segments: Broke Knock Life 48

Our mouths are still on fire from that hot sauce...but we have an insane episode (48) for the lads this week! Gramps joins us FINALLY in-studio as we discuss/experience:

  • Da Bomb hot sauce on top of hot chips to start the Gramps Basement off.

  • A new disgustingly hilarious segment at the end that might get taken off youtube.

  • Gramps answers what started the segment and asks what the nickname "Gramps" means.

  • We bring back the Dope or Nope segment with motorcycles!

  • Honestly I forgot how many topics we covered but that's what happens when the lads get together.

  • A question from Chaotic Neutral for our Mental Health segment [Mental Broke] to wrap things up!

  • As always check out the beat magician TIDES on SoundCloud with his BRAND NEW track "Disconnection" __________________________________________________________

Official Website for the Podcast: www.brokeknocklife.com

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