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Jujutsu OG and Comedy Roundtable: Weebing w/ Wes 21

-This week's episode is purely dedicated to Jujutsu Kaisen because it is simply amazing and we have both finally finished it. (I'm last to catch up of course but hey I GOT IT DONE JUST LIKE SHIPPUDEN)

-Weeb fit

-Boogie woogie clip and how much I fucking love the character todo Jujutsu Roundtable:

-Top 3 fav characters right now?

-Mention how much I love the female character and the writing for her is phenomenal Show of the Week:

-What shows are you watching with right now anime or reg?

-Arrested Development and what our fav type of comedy is.

-Take It Down by CHAZZY from the SideProjekt Podcast!

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